MTL Lines has become one among leader in moving project cargo from source to destination anywhere in the word within shortest time with expertise knowledge and handling.

By definition, special transportation projects require equipment and process that can accommodate out-of-gauge cargo. But equipment and transportation processes only tells half the story. Before any equipment is moved, thousands of hours are required to plan, hundreds of details that will guide eventual shipment, plus any large-scale dis-assembly and reassembly that might be required.

MTL assigns multi-disciplinary team of engineers and transportation specialists to conduct feasibility studies of optimal heavy lift equipment, evaluate transport modes, plan routes, select service providers along the way, secure appropriate customs documents, handle insurance and liability, the list is nearly endless. Whenever and wherever MTL needs to be on-site you can be sure we will be present, that’s the only way to manage all details according to plan. In the end, it’s just one more way we take ownership of every element of the process to ensure the desired outcome. When the time comes to implement the plan, those details are almost a foregone conclusion.